deathnote1_500.jpgWhen teenage Light finds a death god’s notebook, it doesn’t take him long to decide to use the death note’s incredible powers to kill. But Light is not your average murderer. He uses the notebook to kill hundreds of criminals across the world, and, ironically, his actions result in a drop in violent crime.

However, even though anonymous Internet fans have launched a site promoting Light’s actions, the NPA, the central Japanese police agency, condemns Light and assigns its top agents to track him down. This includes the mysterious L, the agency’s top resource.

Ohba has found a unique way to tackle the idea of utopia. This dark tale is spiked with humor from the delightfully amoral death god, Ryuk. One caveat, the author does not provide a plausible explanation for why Light immediately understands and believes in the death note’s powers. Of course, this may result from cultural differences. Finally, Obata’s art provides the perfect mix of the grotesque and everyday.

DweebMeter: 3/5


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