Gemma Doyle has never been content to lie back and think of England. After her mother’s tragic death, Gemma is sent to a finishing school in London where she will be groomed for the only destiny fitting a young lady of her status: marriage. Gemma searches for a way to throw off the constraints of Victorian society, and she finds it in an ancient power that allows her and her friends to enter into the spirit realms.
In the Realms, Gemma and her friends discover powerful magic that allows them to become masters of their own destinies. However, that power is threatened when a dark force called Circe threatens to end their friendship and steal their power. Will Gemma and her friends overcome Circe, or will corruption break the friends apart and close the door to the Realms forever?
Check out the sequel to this book, Rebel Angels.

DweebMeter: 4/5

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