magworldharry.jpgDid you ever stop to wonder if any of the fantastic elements of Harry Potter’s world might be real? Author David Colbert separates fact from fiction in this information book geared to young adults (though adults love it, too). Colbert reveals the true story behind three-headed dogs, hinkypunks and unicorns. He recounts the real life of Nicholas Flamel and answers such questions as ‘Have witches always ridden brooms?’ and ‘Why give someone chocolate after a dementor attack?’

The book is organized like an encyclopedia, with helpful ‘see also’ references below most items. It is great for Harry Potter fans, and teachers may enjoys sharing it in the classroom. The book was published in 2001, and thus covers material only through Goblet of Fire. The author wrote the Eyewitness history series and once served as an editorial director for HarperCollins.

DweebMeter: 3.5/5

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