gregor.jpgEleven-year-old Gregor and his two-year-old sister, Boots, fall down a sewer grate into a dark world of warrior rats, giant cockroaches and a race of humans known as Underlanders. Cockroaches find Gregor and Boots and plan to sell them to the ferocious rats, but instead, due to their strange liking for Boots, they take them to the city of Regalia, ruled by a man named Vikus and his uppity granddaughter, Luxa. Vikus soon comes to believe that Gregor is the warrior foretold in the Prophecy of Gray, the one who will save the Underland from destruction. At the same time, Gregor finds out that his father, who went missing several years before, fell into the Underland just as he did and is being held prisoner by the rats.
(Suzanne Collins picture from her website)
Gregor, Boots and a fellowship of Underlanders, cockroaches, bats and spiders set out to find Gregor’s father and fulfill the prophesied quest.

With this book, Collins creates a fast-paced, detailed fantasy world sure to keep young readers coming back for more.

DweebMeter: 3.5/5

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