spook.jpgI’ve wanted to read Roach’s Stiff for a few years now, but, of course, I haven’t gotten around to it. But, the other day, on a whim, I picked up Roach’s Spook and…gasp…actually read it.

I think Mary and I must be kindred spirits or something. I mean, if I could choose to write two nonfiction books about anything, dead bodies and souls would definitely be on the top of my list. Does that make me morbid?

Anyways, Spook traces the history of science’s search for the soul. Roach details scientists’ attempts to weigh, trap or otherwise quantify the soul. She delves into the mysteries of ectoplasm (which mainly involve stuffing cheese cloth into¬†various orifices). She¬†also touches on such diverse subjects as ghosts, near death experiences, reincarnation and more.


Overall, a quirky, well-researched book. I would recommend it to morbid procrastinators everywhere.

DweebMeter: 4/5

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