Evmulefa-thumb-6b.giferywhere I look nowadays, I seem to see some mention of my favorite wheeled creatures, the mulefa. The mulefa (singular zalif) are sentient beings who help Mary Malone realize her destiny in the science fiction novel The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman. Mulefa bear some resemblance to antelopes or small elephants in our universe, but they evolved with a diamond-shaped frame rather than a spine. They travel using seed pods from indigenous trees as wheels. The outpouring of web art depicting mulefa probably stems from their otherworldly appearance. Like me, I think Pullman fans want a clearer picture of what these creatures really look like. So, to help answer this question, here’s a sampling of the mulefa art I’ve found on the Web so far.

(Top right: Mulefa graphic by EricD. Found on: http://forums.polyloop.net)



Found on: http://klorel03.deviantart.com/art

Artist: klorel03

DweebMeter: 4/5 



Found on: http://3djinn.deviantart.com/art/Mulefa

Artist: 3djinn

DweebMeter: 4/5

Search DeviantArt.com > Keyword Mulefa for beaucoup more fanart. 




Found on: www.efestivals.co.uk/forums

DweebMeter: 4/5



Found on: http://tuscriaturas.blogia.com/2007/mayo.php

Artist: Amy Thompson

DweebMeter: 3.5/5




Found on: http://www.hisdarkmaterials.org/srafopedia

DweebMeter: 4/5 




Found on: http://www.bridgetothestars.net/fanart/mulefa/

The above is a screenshot of some of the fanart available at bridgetothestars.net




Found on: http://www.elfwood.com/art

Art by Kate Miller (showing thumbnail)

DweebMeter: 3.5/5  

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