Beyond the Valley of ThornsAlexa, 13, returns to Bridewell for another summer and quickly finds herself at the center of a harrowing adventure. With the help of two-foot-tall Yipes, a squirrel, a convict and a wolf, Alexa sets out to defeat the evil giant Abaddon, a powerful seraphim able to assert his will even from his prison in the Tenth City.

Although a finely crafted narrative, interesting characters and a few intense situations may keep some readers turning the pages, long sections of backstory and unecessary set-up will likely scare off reluctant readers. Biblical themes permeate this sequel to the Dark Hills Divide, and Carman is sure to explore these themes further as Alexa travels to the mythical Tenth City to restore Elyon to power in the third, and final, book in the series (entitled the Tenth City).

Audiobook Note: Aasne Vigesaa does a great job of bringing the diverse cast of characters to life.

DweebMeter: 2/5


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