Faeries of DreamdarkIn a time when most faeries have forgotten the old ways (and the old evils), little Magpie Windwitch and her band of crows travel the world hunting devils. Much has changed since the Dawn Days when faeries held their greatest power. The seven Djinn (the creators of the world) have gone to sleep, tired of the world they dreamed. Mannies (i.e. humans) have come into the world to plunder and destroy. Magpie is the only thing that stands between the world and the devils, but when she meets a devil she cannot slay, can an already failing world survive?

Once readers enter this sweeping fantasy world, they will never want to leave. Taylor has crafted a verse steeped in faerie tradition while, at the same time, incorporating her unique vision. Relatable characters, a fast pace and plenty of action make this book a good choice for reluctant readers (despite its length–400 and some change). The author’s manipulation of language and dialects brings added authenticity. The numerous subplots weave together seamlessly. Overall, a surprisingly good fantasy–a must read.

DweebMeter: 5/5



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