Marvin Redpost

Marvin Redpost

After nine-year-old Marvin Redpost learns that the King of Shampoon is conducting a nationwide search to find his lost son, he becomes convinced that he is none other than the missing Prince Robert. He tells the kids at school that he was kidnapped at birth, and he and his friends speculate about the rich and priveleged life he will lead as a prince. Marvin convinces his mom (aka Mrs. Redpost) to take him to get a blood test to prove his lineage. He passes the first test, but, when it comes time to take the second test, he decides that maybe it’s okay to be plain old Marvin Redpost after all. Offering more depth and detail than most chapter books, this is a promising start to the eight-part Marvin Redpost series. Though the end seems a tad rushed, Sachar makes up for this with a rounded protagonist and a unique plot.

DweebMeter: 3.5/5


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