Blue Ghost

Blue Ghost

On her first night staying at her grandmother’s estate, Liz wakes up in the middle of the night and hears someone calling her name. A blue light comes through a wall and forms the shape of a woman. The next day, Liz doesn’t know how to explain what she saw, but she’s pretty sure it was a ghost. She sees the ghost again while napping, and Liz believes the ghost wants her to follow it through a solid wall. Later, she hears children’s voices behind the wall. She leans against it and, amazingly, walks right through. On the other side, Liz encounters her great great great grandmother, Elizabeth. Elizabeth believes Liz is her guardian angel, and so Liz must find a way to save Elizabeth’s baby brother from a deadly illness.

A unique story by a Newbery Honor author. This story brings real chills, well crafted character moments and a satisfying conclusion. A great choice for young readers.

DweebMeter: 4/5


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