book-quill-pen.jpgFan fiction (or fanfic) is fiction written by fans about characters, worlds and plots originally created by other authors. Some of the first modern fan fiction centered around the world of Star Trek, while today, fans of many young adult novels, for example the Harry Potter series, write fan fiction as a way to get more involved in the stories. This page provides links to some fan fiction websites.

General Fan Fiction Links
Dr. Merlin’s Guide to Fan Fiction
Fan Fiction and Copyright Law
Fan Fiction Phenomenon, Article from Reason Magazine
Fan Fiction History from Fanfic Symposium
Fan Fiction on Wikipedia
Contains 300 stories about various Anime works.

Buffy Fan Fiction @ Tales of the Slayer
Archive of “Spuffy” (i.e. Spike and Buffy) fan fiction by Bittenandstaked (no longer updated).

Dark Side of the Net
Provides links to dark, gothic and vampire fan fiction on the Web.

Fan Fiction Directory
A small directory of fan fiction websites.

The world’s larget fan fiction website.

General fan fiction site started in 2002. Includes TV, books and movies.
Fan fiction and fanart aggregator. Provides links to over 260,000 works.

Fiction Alley
Harry Potter fan fiction website.

Firefly Fan Fiction
Archive from
Contains over 45,000 Harry Potter fan fiction stories.

MuggleNet Fan Fiction
Contains over 7,000 stories about Harry Potter written by Muggles.

Contains links to science fiction fanfic on the Web.

Star Trek Fan Fiction
Nearly 400 stories covering the different Star Trek series.

Sugar Quill
My favorite Harry Potter fan fiction site. The creators provide a positive environment to help young writers develop their own voice.

Star Wars fan fiction.

Tolkien Fan Fiction
Includes news, a forum and fan stories on everything Tolkien.

Twilight FanFiction
By-invitation archive featuring art and stories about Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series.

Underland Chronicles Fanfic (Gregor)
Archive from

Xena Fan Fiction
Links to fan fiction about Xena Warrior Princess.

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    hey back

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  4. Patrcia Says:

    Hi I’m looking for a fanfic of ‘a hunger like no other’. Does anyone knows a good web page????

    I just finished the book and I’m dying to read something else about the characters!!!! Please :)

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